Thulite is the pink variety of the Zoisite mineral group. It’s a manganese, calcium, aluminium hydroxy sorosilicate, with colors ranging from pale pink to deep rose. The colors depend on the Manganese concentration. There may also be black, grey, and white material in Thulite stones.


Thulite stimulates the sacral and heart chakras and aligns the energy of the heart with the energy of the mind. Thulite facilitates the integration of the inner world with the external world, the energy of love with the energy of reason. Thulite encourages healthy relationships with others and oneself. Thulite dissolves negative emotions and teaches one how to find joy in all aspects of life. Thulite helps break self destructive habits of thought.


This stone is known to have a powerful effect on your life force energies, and it has a strong  healing ability to both regenerate and heal the body.

Thulite’s healing properties can help ensure that the organs are functioning properly. It is also known to heal gastric upsets and correct calcium deficiencies. It’s very beneficial in healing any kind of stomach-related issues. It can also be used to heal conditions that affect the ovaries and the testicles.

It can also strengthen your heart and boost your blood circulation. Thulite can reduce high blood pressure and also improve your sexual stamina.