Grey Moonstone functions to allow one to perceive above and beyond the veil. Moonstone also helps one to move into a world comprising of newly discovered realms. It is sometimes referred to as the “New Moon Stone” as it encompasses the energies of the New Moon, where everything is termed as potential.

This crystal has been valued as a sacred and powerful healing stone since old times. Moonstones have always been considered sacred healing stones, carrying special traditional significance. Some stories say that people were able to see their future by placing the Moonstone in their mouth when the moon was full. For bringing harmony to the marriage, moonstones were also given as a traditional wedding gift. In Europe it is believed that Moonstone was said to reconcile estranged lovers, and to cure sleeplessness.

Moonstone is the birthstone for June. It is believed to be the stone of destiny, mystery, change and wishes. Having it’s connection to the energy of the moon and the divine feminine, makes it a very powerful stone for women. It brings forth women’s feminine power and strengthens the connection to their inner goddess.


The moon is known for its ability to control the mind and for this reason; the moonstone is wonderful for instilling calmness, meditation, and peace in one’s life.

The moonstone gem is a fabulous means for controlling out the aggressive nature in men. Moonstones function to balance out one’s overall emotional activity.

Moonstones have been renowned for instilling a positive impact on every woman’s hormonal activity. As a result of greater hormonal balance, females can benefit from pain-free menstruation cycles and less pain during childbirth deliveries.

Individuals suffering from making a connection with their partners as well as those who are searching for love can benefit greatly from this gemstone as it is renowned for being the lover’s gemstone.

Individuals who suffer from disruption in their sleep patterns can greatly take advantage of the moonstone’s property to promote a healthy sleep pattern.