Moonstone Shaded Faceted Rondelle Round Beads 2-4 mm , ,

13 Inch Strand AAA++ Quality
Natural Gemstone Genuine Callibrated
High Quality Faceted Beads. 2-4 mm In Size
Natural Beads For DIY, Jewelry Making And Crafts
Beads Temporarily Strung. Use Single Beads Or Restring
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• Cut: Faceted
• Enhancement: No Treatment
• Grade: AAA
• Length: 13 Inches
• Origin: Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia and India
• Shape: Rondelle
• Size: 2.00-4.00 mm
• Stone: Moonstone Shaded
• Tone: Medium
• Transparency (Diaphaneity): Transparent


Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits:-

Would-be navel gazers, take note: Moonstone could give you that final push to slooow down and look inward. And much like the moon that it’s named for, this stone is a symbol for women everywhere – enhancing feminine energy, and offering protection through pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond.


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